Personal Composite Instruments PCI

PCI trading advantages

  • Create instruments in form of portfolios with various degrees of complexity, from very simple, including only two assets, to complex combinations, consisting of dozens of assets.
  • Add base and quoted assets in the personal instrument, which will result in opening both long and short positions, while making deals.
  • Give each component (asset) an individual weight in units of the asset volume – in the U.S. dollars, in percents of the total portfolio volume (base or quoted); the U.S. dollar, as an asset, can be added both to the base and quoted portfolios.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface for creating PCI.
  • Get the historical prices of the created PCI.
  • Maintain the database of the created personal instruments.

Each user of trading-analytical terminal NetTradeX gets access to a unique technology, providing an opportunity to create unique Personal Composite Instruments (PCI).

create your own instruments

Use PCI created by our professional analysts

Additionally, you can use the PCIs created by our professional analysts; these synthetic instruments can be easily found in PCI Library.

To use PCI from the library trader needs only to download the instruments from the library to the trading terminal and start trading them.

Nevertheless, PCI Library contains only examples of personal composite instruments which can be created with the new technology. The main advantage of the new technology is that you may create any instruments on your choice, analyze and trade them in NetTradeX trading terminal.

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